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All aboard!

Express train to the playground

Walk through the museum building to get to our outdoor display area. Like its name suggests, it's an unroofed space we use for showing certain exhibits. These give you the chance to change signals by hand and take a trip on our children's train.

There's also a playground where you can give your imagination free rein.

Do you like adventures? Do you sometimes like pretending to be someone else? At the outdoor display area of the DB Museum, you can take on the role of a conductor, a train driver or a signal changer. We have everything you need to do the job you want: trains, tracks and signals. From long ago right up to today, from very old to brand new. Now all that's needed is your imagination.

Take a trip back in time to when steam trains let out clouds of smoke as they sped across the countryside. Our special "time track" feature shows how station platforms have changed with the passing years. You can see how the skinny tracks used by the first trains gradually became thicker, and if you look at our modern high-speed ICE trains, you'll see that they have concrete underneath them.

Would you like to know what the "grandparents" of our trains looked like? You could even say they're the predecessors of modern cars! It was the world's first self-propelled vehicle: it didn't need to be drawn by horse and it didn't simply roll downhill. It was built by Nicholas Cugnot almost 250 years ago. He was a soldier and inventor who lived when people like Captain James Cook were still exploring the world and encountering new cultures for the first time. Back then, maps still had lots of white spaces on them because nobody knew what was there.

There were so many marvellous things for people to see and discover – a bit like there is so much for you to explore and learn at the DB Museum! When you've seen everything, you'll have a lot of great memories and great ideas for games. Our playground is a great place to start – it has a train, swings and slide. It's waiting for you!