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KIBALA – kid's railway

We know you'll love it!

KIBALA has a train we built just for kids, and we want it to be a real hands-on experience for you. Show us what you can do: heat up the boiler and get our express train going.

Museum visits are often quite serious events – you have to listen to the grown-ups, be very careful and make sure you don't touch the exhibits. It's not like that in KIBALA. Here we don't say "don't touch" – we want you to touch things, and we want you to ask as many questions as you want.


Briobahn und Playmobilbahn

If you'd prefer to skip the tour, you can construct your own version of a railway. It's lots of fun. We have big Briobahn and Playmobil sets with lots of trains, carriages, cars and houses – and of course loads of tracks for you to build.

A present if you return 

The first time you come to the museum, make sure to get your activity sheets. They've got puzzles, stories and other great things on them. You can stick all your sheets together to form a catalogue, and every time you visit the museum, you can get a stamp in your catalogue. When you have three stamps, you become one of our regular visitors. We have a special gift in store for these children – just ask at the ticket desk.

360° Rundblick des KIBALAs