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Guided tours for children

Specially for you

Do museums bore you? That might happen somewhere else, but not at the DB Museum! It's full of surprises and fascinating stories that our staff really bring to life for you. It's even possible to celebrate birthdays here.

Have you seen the film Night at the Museum? It's so much fun: huge dinosaurs, mischievous miniature figurines and cavemen from long ago all come to life and run amok. Except we have huge trains, little stations and amazing objects from long ago. Even better, our museum is open during the day, and we'd love to have you come visit us.

You can have your birthday party here and bring all of your family and friends on a tour specially created for kids. Everyone will enjoy hearing tales about extravagant kings and wonderful steam trains.

You'll also find out what Germany's first steam train looks like. It's called "the Eagle". It probably got the name because if flew as fast as an eagle. Well, maybe not quite that fast. It could travel about as quickly as you can cycle on your bike. Only back then, there were no bicycles – there was just the Eagle, and it was so fast that people could hardly believe their eyes.

The DB Museum offers tours for schoolchildren. Teachers organising school outings can even contact us in advance and ask us to talk about certain topics. Then we prepare the tour: it's a bit like homework for us, but we like it.

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