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General overview

Rare and wonderful vehicles from rail history

The DB Museum in Halle has approximately 20 historic rail vehicles on display, such as steam engines from Deutsche Reichsbahn's fleet and old electric and diesel locomotives.

One of the biggest stars in Halle is the class 03 steam locomotive, which was a sight on Germany's tracks until 1970. Ever heard of a fireless locomotive? These were powered by steam but, intriguingly, they didn't burn combustible fuel. Anyone who wants to learn the answer to this conundrum should come see the East German model in Halle.

The branch is also home to record-breaking locomotives, for example the E 18, once Deutsche Reichsbahn's fastest electric engine. Another exhibit is the VT 135 110 railcar, considered to be a prototype of the railbus. This particular vehicle was pillarbox red and was humorously nicknamed "piglets' taxi" as it was most prominently used in rural areas.

Many of the vehicles have been in Halle for years. Some of them were used by the testing facility at the site when trying out new technologies. Extensive information about the exhibits and the site itself is available in a brochure specially created by Traditionsgemeinschaft Bw Halle P, a group of enthusiasts, and published in 2006.