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DB Museum in Halle an der Saale

2003 was the year that the DB Museum established its branch in Halle an der Saale. This site is dedicated in particular to vehicles we inherited from Deutsche Reichsbahn, the East German rail company.

Locomotive shed IV now houses the DB Museum, but it was once part of the Halle P. maintenance depot, which started working in 1895. However, the depot's earliest buildings date from 1863. Originally, nine shelters for trains were used as locomotive sheds, and eight new ones were built in 1908. Their longer tracks and pits were necessary for handling new, larger locomotives, for example the Prussian class P10 (later the class 39).

Over time, this locomotive shed hosted countless illustrious vehicles such as the class 01, 03 and 39. In the late 1930s, the streamlined vehicles of the class 01(10) also started calling to Halle for maintenance work. Later, diesel locomotives predominated. In 1951, LVA Halle, a locomotive research station, took over the site and conducted locomotive technology trials. Some of the innovative new propulsion systems tested here include the E 18 31 electric locomotive and the Soviet Union's mighty diesel-powered 130 101. Today, both of these locomotives are on display at the DB Museum.

All of the DB Museum vehicles on show in locomotive shed IV are cared for by a BSW group dedicated to maintaining the traditions of the Halle P. depot. The venue can be hired for special occasions – simply contact the relevant person at the museum, named here to the right.