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DB Museum in Koblenz

The Koblenz locomotive hall was incorporated into the DB Museum in 2001. The site is now home to an exhibition on electric locomotives, train carriages and saloon coaches.

The Koblenz museum opened on 21 April 2001 as the first site outside Nuremberg chosen for a branch of the DB Museum. It is managed by volunteers from the Bahn-Sozialwerk (BSW) foundation.

Located in the city's Lützel district, the DB Museum Koblenz is housed in the former freight wagon upgrading facility, which was built in 1905 when the Lützel freight station was expanded and transformed into a maintenance depot.

The site originally included a large roundhouse that had a double turntable and was used for stabling freight trains' locomotives. There was also a wagon shed that was still in use for freight wagon repairs and upkeep until 1995. Today, it is home to the oldest exhibits at the DB Museum Koblenz.

The demolition of the old depot's buildings took place in several stages and was completed by the early 1980s.

Other exhibits are located throughout the grounds, and the museum's collection of vehicles has now grown to include some 40 historical locomotives and 50 passenger carriages and freight wagons.
In Koblenz, the DB Museum focuses on electrical propulsion systems and the experience of rail travel. Original vehicles, images and models bring these topics to life for our visitors. We also have our own cinema, while electrical traction technology is explained in eye-opening detail in our exhibition rooms.

Our gift shop contains scores of publications, model train parts and souvenirs all derived from the world of the railways.

Next to the turntable outside, there is a 5-inch gauge train that can carry people, and our outdoor LGB model railway (covering 110 m²) is located behind the locomotive hall. A large Trix Express set completes our range of model trains.