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9.10.15 to 19.6.2016

Planet Railway – Switzerland

Deutsche Bahn and the Swiss Museum of Transport have teamed up to create a display exploring the grand sweep of Switzerland's rail history from its beginnings in the 1840s up to the present day.

It comprises eight chronological sections, each of which explores a different theme. Visitors can find out how the railways conquered the Alps in the form of the St. Gotthard and Simplon tunnels and spectacular above-ground lines, such as the Pilatus funicular and Glacier Express. Legendary high-performance vehicles such as the Red Arrow and the green Crocodile showcase the technical expertise of the Swiss railway industry, while the exhibition's insights into the present-day situation reveal just why Switzerland has the reputation as one of the most rail-friendly nations on earth. The Swiss Museum of Transport and other institutions such as the foundation SBB Historic have supported the exhibition by donating invaluable documents and display items, ranging from old illustrations to model vehicles that complement the impressive setting created for the show.