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Since 1.7.2017 - Nürnberg

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Nomads of the rail (Nomaden der Schiene)

The American dream, the idea according to which everyone – regardless of their social background – can achieve higher living standards in the USA by working hard, has fascinated people for centuries. This dream especially lures those from Central America and Mexico. For it to come true, many embark on a journey that generally ends unsuccessfully or even deadly. Particularly in the current political climate, the illegal immigration into the US is a highly relevant and controversial topic.

Photographer Salvador Ferrer Gudiño shows the destinies of illegal migrants at US-Mexican border crossings. This project has been honored with the first place in the 32nd National Contest of Anthropological Photography, which took place in Mexico in 2013. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with the Mexican Museo de los Ferrocarilleros and the Instituto Cultural de Aguascalientes.