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2013 touring exhibition

Deacceleration in Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt

Travelling the length and breadth of the country, this touring exhibition from the DB Museum was often located in the middle of railway stations' hustle and bustle, creating an island of peace and reflection for young and old.

Starting in Berlin Central on 17 April 2013, the exhibition then went on to Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

Enlarge image Deacceleration

Deacceleration in Berlin

Housed in an elliptical, interactive communication space, the exhibition gave people the chance to take a short break from the hectic activity of the surrounding station and, at the same time, learn about the history of the railway from its beginnings right up to today's visionary plans for the future. Covering five different topics, the exhibition's cutting-edge technology and interactive features were supplemented with the personal stories of rail passengers. A virtual visit to the DB Museum in Nuremberg rounded off the display and emphasised the cultural importance of the rail system.

Tour's dates
Berlin  CentralWednesday 17 April-Wednesday 12 May 2013 
Cologne Main StationSaturday 18 May-Wednesday 5 June 2013
Stuttgart Main StationSaturday 6 July-Sunday 11 August 2013
Frankfurt am Main CentralFriday 1 November-Friday 15 November 2013
Publishing details

DB Museum Nuremberg

Planning and films:
mindBOOT, Augsburg

Architecture and realisation:
kwod Design GmbH, Hamburg