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Do look and touch!

Our new outdoor display area

Visitors can head to our outdoor display area and take a trip through time. This section was redesigned in 2012.

Dear visitors, we apologise for any inconvenience. At the present time, the signalbox is closed for technical reasons.

Visitors who want to take a trip through time can head to our redesigned outdoor display area. Exhibits here include tracks from as long ago as 1835, hand-operated signals from almost 180 years of rail history and so much more.
This space, covering 15,000 m² and redesigned in 2012, is where the DB Museum shows just how much the railways have changed over the course of 180 years. The collection of signals is a new feature. Visitors can study a host of signs and signals, old and new alike. They are still operational – try them out, it's fun.

Our new "time track" is particularly impressive: it reveals how the design of track's permanent ways, with sleepers, rails and gravel ballast, has changed since 1835.We rebuilt the old train platform at its current location, where it is now integrated with the narrow-gauge field railway line. We have also restored the museum's signal box with its levers and switches.

The renovation was carried out by DB AG trainees studying electronics, mechatronics and track construction.


The new display depot

Attention: The display depot will be closed from 1th of November 2019. 

Another attraction is the outdoor area's new hall, the display depot. It houses exhibits which had previously languished in storage facilities. These include old interlockings, the 2,500 hp engine of a diesel locomotive and unusual rail vehicles, such as a motorised handcar and the Dorpmüller track measurement vehicle.

Our pride and joy at the new display depot is the replica of the steam-powered vehicle built by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in 1769. Built decades before the first steamship or locomotive, Cugnot's creation was the first self-propelled vehicle in history. Our replica was on loan to a museum in Florida for six years.

The field railway

The outdoor section's field railway runs during the summer months: please click here to see the precise dates. No trains run actually.