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Weichenstellung für die Zukunft 1990 - 2020

Railways in Germany 1990-2020

"Next stop: the future"

20 years after the founding of Deutsche Bahn AG, the DB Museum opened a new permanent exhibition exploring the recent history of Germany's railway network. The multimedia display explains the huge changes that have happened since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

1:10 Modell des VT 11.5, source: DB Museum/Uwe Niklas

Reichsbahn and Bundesbahn 1945 – 1989

The new permanent exhibition in the DB Museum

On separate tracks: the railway in divided Germany from 1945 to 1989

Geschichte der Eisenbahn 1920 - 1945

Reichsbahn 1920 – 1945

"In the service of democracy and dictatorship"

Innovation and destruction, economic boom and the Great Depression, the Roaring Twenties and the Holocaust. Germany swung from one extreme to another in just a few short years, and the changes also involved the national rail company.

Geschichte der Eisenbahn - Die Anfänge bis 1914

Railways in Germany 1835 – 1919

"A century of steam"

The construction of the rail network had a radical effect on the way people lived their lives. The DB Museum explains how the arrival of the railways revolutionised technology, business, culture and politics.

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The large model railway system in the DB Museum originates from the 1960s; it contains more than 500 meters of tracks and around 3.000 relays have been built in.

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The DB Museum has around 280 railway models in 1:10 scale, which makes it the largest collection of this kind.

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When it received the "Ebel collection" from Professor Siegfried Ebel, the DB Museum found itself the proud owner of the largest collection of n-gauge railway models in the world – more than 7,000...

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Railway models have not always been just an expression of a leisure-time hobby - they serve to document vehicle technology, for experimental purposes or as showpieces and marketing objects.

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The 1:10 scale models in the DB Museum were painstakingly hand-made by apprentices in the railway workshops.

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Some of the 1:10 models in the DB Museum involved more than 27,000 hours of work.

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The new exhibition area, the Modellarium, is around 450 m² in area.

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The DB Museum is based on a collection of historic railway models in 1:10 scale that goes back to the 19th century.

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The Modellarium was opened as a new exhibition area of the permanent exhibition on 16th April. In this way, the museum’s extensive model collection finds a permanent home.

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In the Modellarium, around 2,000 railway models in a wide range of scales are exhibited.

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