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Services for trains

Services for trains

The DB Museum Koblenz isn't just a showcase for vintage railway vehicles – it also offers a number of rail-related services. For example, we have facilities for stabling and inspecting steam locomotives that are taking part in vintage train excursions.

Our 20 m turntable is up and running once again: it has been inspected and approved by the relevant authorities, and we have laid new exit tracks.

With its inspection pit, track 54 has now been connected to the turntable, which opens up the following service options:

  • Water refills
  • Lubrication
  • Removal of ash and clinker
  • Removal of smokebox soot
  • Minor repairs
  • Locomotive turning (for wheelbases of up to 19,850 mm)
  • Coal refills on the inspection track (with advance planning)
  • Piloting for station and surrounding tracks (with advance planning)
Enlarge image Locomotive services at the DB Museum Koblenz

Locomotive services at the DB Museum Koblenz

If your steam locomotive is pulling a special train on an excursion via or to Lützel station, or if you want your locomotive to enjoy some restoration work during a handover, we're just the people for the job. Simply give us some brief notice of what you need. We can turn train classes 23, 50, 52, 44, tank locomotives and other engines with wheelbases under 19,850 mm.

The following infrastructural facilities are available:

  • Stabling for empty trains at Koblenz-Lützel freight yard (authorisation for special service necessary)
  • Turntable of 20 m diameter, connected to the inspection track (electric motor; loads of up to 170 t)
  • Exit tracks for stabling locomotives and (if applicable) additional wagons and carriages (coordination necessary)
  • Inspection track with pit (approx. 50 m; can simultaneously accommodate two diesel locomotives)
  • Power supply at inspection track: 400 V 32 A and 230 V 16 A
  • Water refills: from hydrant or from tank wagon with TS8 motor-driven pump
  • Metalworking services are unfortunately not available