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Events and meetings at the DB Museum

Parties or meetings: we have the perfect historic setting

The locomotive hall is the ideal venue for all kinds of events, from wedding celebrations and jubilees to concerts and conferences. Our saloon carriages can also be hired for meetings, readings or small parties.

Our rooms

The locomotive hall offers a generous 600 m² of floorspace, and historic vehicles can be used to create an eye-catching setting. The three tracks are 60 m long, which means they can hold several vehicles at once. Unused pits and tracks are covered over securely.

A whole host of seating and table arrangements are possible, and the hall has space for stages or platforms if they are called for. The floor is made of concrete.

Large, east-facing windows admit ample natural daylight. The hall can be reached (and entered) by car.

If you would like to host a smaller gathering or meeting, we can offer you our two saloon carriages, each with seating for 25 people. With their oil-fired heaters, these carriages make cosy venues during colder weather.

Events: times

Our locomotive hall is available for both daytime and nighttime events.

Hall capacity

The hall offers room for up to 200 seated guests, and it has standing room for some 300-400 people.

Technology and equipment

The hall is connected to the water supply and features a hydrant.

Its dense network of power connections provide electricity at 230V~ 16A and 380 V~ 32A. Sockets are located between the tracks and along the hall's walls.

Cloakroom / stages / event equipment

The hall does not possess a cloakroom, stages or the equipment required for holding an event, but these can be booked from an event management agency and installed at the museum. Our vintage sleeper carriages can be converted into changing rooms for performers.


Toilets (three for women, two for men) are located outside the hall. We recommend hiring mobile toilet facilities for large events.


The hall and adjacent spaces can be heated.


Our site in Koblenz does not have catering facilities, but a room can be set aside as space for a hired catering service.

Disabled access

The locomotive hall does not feature any steps, so access poses no difficulties to people with disabilities (wheelchair users). A toilet for disabled users is not available on site.

Additional offerings

Special tours are available – simply contact us to arrange one.

The site can be accessed by special train services, and an auxiliary platform is available for embarking and disembarking. We can also order special trains (complete with drivers) on your behalf.

The site is equipped with the fittings required for handling steam locomotives and also has an inspection pit.

We can make arrangements regarding pilots and staff familiar with stations' functions.