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Technical requirements and assistance for using the website

We have compiled a list of useful tips on system settings in addition to navigating, recommending, searching and printing pages.

System requirements

Set your screen resolution to 1280 pixels (width). Use an up-to-date version of your browser (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 16, Chrome 21, Opera 12). This website is not designed for mobile end devices.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser so you can use the site's full range of functions.

Site navigation

Every page of this website features the expandable main navigation menu at the top plus the flexible page navigation menu on the left, in the header and in the footer. The menu for the children's section does not open via the expandable navigation – instead, it is part of the different elements of the image used in that section.

Click the house icon on the top left to return to the homepage. Click the arrow icon on the right-hand side to return to the start of the page you are currently on.

Recommend page

You can use three separate icons in the left-hand navigation menu to recommend pages, either by sending them via e-mail or posting them on Facebook or Twitter.


Use the hotkey combination CTRL + F to open a search window in your browser. You can then search for specific terms on the page you are currently viewing.


To print a page, either click the "Print page" button in the left-hand navigation menu or use your browser's print function.

The print preview creates a special print-ready version of the page's contents, without the header image or navigation bar. This reduces the time required for printing and reduces toner/ink consumption.

If you are using Internet Explorer, click "Tools", then "Print" and then "Page Setup". Tick the box next to "Print Background Colours and Images".

If you are using Firefox and the menu bar is active, click "File", "Print Preview", "Page Setup". Then select "Format & Options" and tick the box next to "Print Background (colours & images)". Then click "OK" to print the page.

If you are using Chrome, click the menu button on the top right of the browser window. Then click "Print" and tick the box next to "Background colours and images" in "Options" (may initially be hidden). You can then print out the contents of the page.

In Opera, click the navigation bar at the top left. Select "Print Preview" or go straight to "Print".

If you want to print all of the contents of a given page including the navigation elements, you can take a screenshot. This includes every detail that is present on the screen. If using a PC, press the "Print" button on your keyboard. Then open a new Word document and paste the screenshot into it using the hotkey combination CTRL + V. You can then print this document in the normal manner via "File" and "Print".