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Documents, photos and objects

Our repository currently contains 2.5 km of shelves for publications and other documents, over 1 million photos and countless original objects.


Tuesday-Thursday 9am-12 noon and 1-4pm (by appointment)
Friday-Monday and on bank holidays Closed


Visits by appointment

When Bundesbahn and Reichsbahn were dissolved, their archives revealed hundreds of thousands of publications, documents and images on paper and in the form of slides, posters and other visuals. At the DB Museum, we surveyed these items and incorporated some of them into our collection.

To documents these objects' backgrounds and Deutsche Bahn AG's corporate history, DB created our company archive, the Historical Collection, at our headquarters in Berlin.

However, if of little relevance for Deutsche Bahn AG's day-to-day operations or for the newly created Bundeseisenbahnvermögen institution, most of the files were transferred to Germany's national archive in compliance with the relevant laws. If you would like to do some research into Germany's rail history, we therefore recommend that you contact the national archive.

You can view DB Museum's collection of documents and photos by appointment. If you would like to borrow objects for an exhibition, simply contact us with your request.


Further information about the DB Museum's and DB AG's collections is available from the contacts named to the right and via the links at the top of the column. Simply contact us in writing (post or e-mail) if possible. Please include your postal address. Please note our documentation and photography section's price list.