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Public library

Over 100,000 books from 500 years

For over a century, the library of the DB Museum has been collecting magazines and books about every aspect of the railways as well as publications on related topics.

Our Nuremberg library is open on weekdays apart from Monday. Simply contact us to arrange your visit.

Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm (by appointment)
Closed Saturday-Monday and on bank holidays

Our collection

Open to the public, the DB Museum's library has the most important collection of rail-related publications in Germany. For over a century, we have been acquiring books and magazines connected to every aspect of the world of rail and related topics.

One of these publications is Eisenbahnzeitung ("Railway newspaper"), first published in the early 1840s! From 1847 to 1860, this publication carried the sub-header "Voice of Germany's railway management associations" and served as the specialist newspaper of the body coordinating the nation's rail services.

Another important publication is senior engineer Edmund Heusinger von Waldegg's magazine for "technological progress in the railways". First published in 1845, Organ für die Fortschritte des Eisenbahnwesens in technischer Beziehung carried stories about every important invention and technological innovation, together with numerous illustrations and tables.

These publications are available for use in the library of the DB Museum.


If you would like to use any material in our library, simply contact us in writing (post or e-mail) if possible. Our details are located to the right. Please indicate your postal address even when contacting us by e-mail. Further information about the collections of the DB Museum and Deutsche Bahn AG is available via the link "Historical collections", also located to the right.