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Go easy - Go Bahn

DB is a rail operator with a mission to provide a good service and make a profit. In the book Go easy – Go Bahn, published by the DB Museum Nuremberg, ten authors take a look at Deutsche Bahn's advertising campaigns.

The hip (and somewhat idiosyncratic) slogan "Go easy – Go Bahn" captures something typical about German culture in the 1970s. The book of the same name takes a look at the relationship between the rail operator, its customers and its advertising. The ten authors of its contents provide a survey of rail-related advertising spanning two centuries, such as the successful "Go easy" campaign, with its free tickets and disco trains. Some readers are bound to have their own personal memories of the book's many images showing everything from logos and posters to t-shirts with prints.

Taking us on a trip through an era of political, economic and social transformations, the essays show how people's tastes were changing during years that were crucial to the country's development, and they also cast a light on the influence of marketing and the media.


Go easy - Go Bahn
200 Jahre Eisenbahn und Werbung

("Go easy – Go Bahn. 200 years of rail and advertising")

PublisherDB Museum
PriceEUR 19,90
Length289 pages, scores of illustrations (predominantly in colour)
Year of publication2008
Available from

Museum shop in Nuremberg

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The book was published to accompany the exhibition of the same name, which ran from 27 November 2007-30 March 2008 at the DB Museum Nuremberg.