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Exhibition catalogue

Modellarium - The World of Models in the DB Museum

The exhibition catalogue provides extensive background information about railway models and the model collection at the DB Museum.

There are over 1,300 models on display in the Modellarium, ranging from the large 1:5 scale model through to the 1:700 scale mini-locomotive. The exhibition focuses on the 1:10 and 1:20 scale railway model collections as well as on the extensive collection of N-gauge models left to the DB Museum in 2003 by pharmacy professor Siegfried Ebel from Würzburg.

The exhibition catalogue explains how the large railway models are produced and how they work. These models were usually commissioned by the railway companies. It also gives insights into the world of model railways and the history of the model railway industry.



The World of Models in the DB Museum

PublisherDB Museum
PriceEUR 10,00
Scope136 pages, many colour illustrations
Publication year2015
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