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Next stop: sport

This book explores just how important rail services are to the world of sport, reveals how railway employees formed their own sports clubs and describes Deutsche Bahn's sponsorship of sporting events today.

The special exhibition ran from 7 June-18 September 2011 at the DB Museum, telling for the first time the joint history of sport and the railway. We summarised and edited the exhibition's contents for publication in the form of this book.

It reveals just how many links there have been between the worlds of sport and rail over the course of two centuries. Laid out in the same seven topic-based sections of the exhibition, the book traces developments from the genesis of the railways and the birth modern sports in 18th century England to the flowering of rail employees' sports clubs since the 1920s, and it continues its story by looking at the DB Group's dual role as modern sponsor and a service provider for major sporting events.


Nächster Halt: Sport
Vom Eisenbahner-Turnverein zum modernen Sport-Sponsoring
("Next stop: sport – from railway employees' athletics clubs to modern sports sponsoring")

PublisherDB Museum
PriceEUR 6,00
Year of publication2012
Length56 pages, scores of illustrations
Size24 x 17 cm
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