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Tales from 175 years of history

Planet rail – images and tales from 175 years of history

This jubilee publication was printed to celebrate the DB Museum's exhibition of the same name.

Covering 175 pages and including scores of images of the first lines, trains and railway employees at stations, it takes the reader back to the early days of Germany's railways. Old photographs capture the people's awareness that the rail network was something revolutionary, and they also reveal passengers' sense of excitement and apprehension before embarking on a journey that would see them travel at what were unimaginable speeds at the time.

The book also explains the economic context of the era – how rail companies were financed, the impact they made on their physical surroundings (contrasted with the minimal impact today's trains have on the environment), and how they were exploited for the purposes of waging war. But the overriding theme of the book is the continued fascination that railways exert and the role they can play in our world's future. 

TitlePlanet Eisenbahn
Bilder und Geschichten aus 175 Jahren
("Planet rail – images and tales from 175 years of history")
PriceEUR 17,50
Length175 pages, scores of illustrations
Printed byBöhlau Verlag Köln
Year of publication2010
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