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Train transports to the death camps: Deutsche Reichsbahn's deportations

Deutsche Bahn AG created this touring exhibition in 2008, and a detailed document exploring the issue has now been published.

On the command of the Nazi government, Deutsche Reichsbahn organised and carried out the deportation of huge numbers of people. The Holocaust was possible only because of this compliancy – the company willingly participated in the systematic murder of European Jews and Roma. According to today's estimates, trains carried some 3 million people to their doom in the Third Reich's death camps.

The touring exhibition served as a reminder of the terrible atrocity committed against these people. Its contents were based on the DB Museum's permanent exhibition about the train company's role in Nazi Germany. An accompanying book was published in 2010.

It details how children, women and men were taken from their homes and transported to their deaths. Survivors tell of the horrors of their journeys. The book reveals who was responsible for these actions, while documents and charts show the preparations that went into everything from timetable planning to the completion of the deportations.

TitleSonderzüge in den Tod - Die Deportationen mit der Deutschen Reichsbahn
("Train transports to the death camps: Deutsche Reichsbahn's deportations")
PriceEUR 16,90
Length162 pages, scores of illustrations
Printed byBöhlau Verlag Köln
Year of publication2010
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