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Russian Railway Museum in Saint Petersburg

The largest railway museum complex in the country – about 57 000 m²

The Russian Railway Museum was opened on October 30, 2017, the day of 180th anniversary of Russian railways.

The Museum tends to preserve and study history of the railways and its impact on Russian history; to cover historical events and tell a story of railway professions and technologies development.

The Museum is placed in the centre of St. Petersburg near one of the oldest railway terminals – Baltiysky. Exposition occupies the historic building of the locomotive depot and workshops of the Peterhof Railway, new building and open museum area.

The Museum collection has many railway rarities – about 180 units of railway equipment. Among them are the oldest preserved in Russia tank steam locomotive Ь (“Soft Sign”) built in 1897, the last Soviet steam locomotive П36 (King of Steam), diesel locomotive ТЭП-80 that set a world speed record for diesel locomotives at 271 km/h in 1993. Visitors always pay attention at dissected steam locomotive Эр-791 and ТЭП-70 locomotive driver simulator. Lounge car of Chinese Eastern Railway and car of the Red Arrow express also attract visitors constantly.

Historical artifacts are joined with acting models and interactive installations making contemporary and comfortable environment for learning and creative activities, leisure and entertainment both for children and adults.

The barrier-free environment created in the museum, fully allows physically challenged visitors to view the exhibits and interactive complexes.


Address: 4-2 Bibliotechny per., Saint Petersburg, Russia

Phone +7 812 457-23-16

Opening hours: from 10.30 to 18.00, excluding Mon and Tue

Museum Website: http://rzd-museum.ru

Email: info@rzd-museum.ru